About Us

Phil AldersonMiddleClaire

If anyone knows what young imaginative minds like, it’s the parents. Combine this inner knowledge with the artistry to bring vibrant creations to life and you have new family company Stinky Whizzers.

Capturing children’s imaginations and decorating bedrooms, nurseries and play spaces in the process, Stinky Whizzers introduces young minds to an array of fun and colourful creatures while offering an educational edge that will appeal to parents.

Whether it’s a gift for a budding mathematician or a design to appeal to a writer in the making, the Stinky Whizzers animated collection offers something for everyone. Canvases to encourage counting sit alongside posters to perfect the alphabet, while the emphasis remains firmly on fun.

Young children will be captivated by the Stinky Whizzer characters as they follow them on their cheeky adventures. So far their antics have included performing crazy mid-air acrobatics, hopping on a steam train through the dales, partying on a bus around London and jamming in a secret midnight woodland setting.

Created by children’s book illustrator and new father Phil Alderson and his sister-in-law Claire Alderson, a mother of two and a sales and marketing whiz. Stinky Whizzers artwork is hand drawn from initial sketches, then ‘inked up’. The image is then scanned and coloured up on the computer.

Explaining the philosophy behind Stinky Whizzers, Phil  said: “It all started when I was looking for a present for my niece.  When I looked for a cool piece of artwork all I found was pink or blue or pastels so I decided to draw something unique myself.”

“We wanted to create something that appealed to kids with bold colours and also something that you would want to look at again and again. The Stinky Whizzers go on adventures and we love the idea of capturing children’s imagination. They can make up stories about what is happening and where the characters are whizzing off to next.”

Stinky Whizzers, made in England by the Aldersons.